I practise Japanese Acupuncture because is not painful and is very effective even if I use thin needles and insert them very superficially.

If you suffer needles please consider book an Acupressure session. This type of treatments is generally preferable for those who are needle sensitive.

Japanese acupuncture, rooted in theoretical classical Chinese medicine, often works in combination with the moxibustion (Shynkyu) because the heat helps enhance the needle’s effect. Moxa is a dried herb which is usually rolled into a thread or cone shape and placed on the protected skin, closed to the base of the needles. These cones are then lit with an incense stick and left burning until the patient feels the heat, usually after a few seconds.

What to expect from a treatment:

1. Evaluation
I will start by evaluating your situation and selecting the acupuncture points to use. This diagnosis happens through the palpation of the abdomen (and the meridian) as well as with face reading.

2. Practice
I will then insert the needles a few millimetres only and usually no more than 10/12, sometime even less, needles at a time.

3. Moxibustion
Next I apply the moxa (Shinkyu) before removing all the needles.

I will be with you all the time and I will never leave the room.
If you need me to explain what I’m doing or if you won’t feel comfortable with something, I will be there to help you to feel more cozy, safe and relaxed.

How to book your appointment

Please click "Check Availability" button below and follow the easy instructions to check availability and book your next acupuncture appointment. This can be used for both your Initial Consultation or for a Follow Up Appointment.