Yoga is for me a great Joy.
It’s a philosophy, an art, a science and also a physical system throughout the individual self can improve and develop.

Yoga is about unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul and it imbibes the complete essence of the way of life.

Yoga Aim
Hatha yoga aims to balance mind and body via asanas (physical postures), and pranayama (breathing exercises), and calming the mind through relaxation and meditation. Asanas teach balance and strength and are practiced to improve the body’s physical health and clear the mind in preparation for meditation.

Yoga is more than just one thing.
Hatha Yoga is one of the paths that lead to the ultimate goal of Raja Yoga, or contemplation of the One Reality. The purpose of Hatha Yoga is to activate the chakras, thereby awakening the kundalini.

Interesting facts
The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “YUJ” and means to join, to unite. It refers to Samadhi, but also to the union of the male and female energy into the body as well as to unify the mind, body, and soul. It is thought that it’s a way to join the Divine or Cosmic Consciousness or Universal Spirit. This bliss is called Samadhi and it can be achieved through different practices. Samadhi can be achieved through the practice of the asanas, the pranayama, the meditation, the relaxation and a proper diet.

“A yoga posture should feel steady and comfortable. A yoga posture is mastered when the breath, the body and the mind become one. When there is no restlessness in the mind or in the breath, the body and the mind can become a calm and meditative state.”Patanjali Maharishi, Yoga Sutras, 2 46 Patanjali Maharishsi
“Hata is the sanctuary for those suffering from every type of pain. It is the foundation for those practicing every type of yoga” (CH 1 vs 10)

An example of a Hatha Yoga lesson with me:

1. Initial Relaxation
We will start with the initial relaxation in Savasana (the Corpse pose), followed by few minutes of supine and sitting mobilizations.

2. Surya Namaskara
Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) will be the next step in our warm up before moving into the practice’s main phase

3. Asanas
Then we will focus on few Asanas – I usually like to pick one posture for each ‘category’:
– balance,
– lateral extension,
– flexion,
– seated,
– twisted
– inversion

and explain how to get in and out of the pose, as well as the main teaching points you need to know to perform the Asana in a safe, enjoyable and relaxing manner.

4. Relaxation, Pranayama and Meditation
We will then finish the practice with a nice guided relaxation and few minutes of pranayama or meditation.

Comfortable clothes, a yoga mat, blocks, and straps are advisable.

If you need me to explain what I’m doing or if you won’t feel comfortable with something, I will be there to help you to feel more cozy, safe and relaxed.

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